ScaleHealth Scales Up Hope Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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The onslaught of COVID-19 has disrupted every facet of our lives, our communities, our economy. Everything. However, healthcare companies, such as ScaleHealth, are coming together in an effort to mitigate this disruption. Below we highlight several companies in ScaleHealth’s portfolio that are engaged in combatting COVID-19.

Even (or especially) in the midst of a global pandemic, one thing is clear: there’s nothing we cannot accomplish when we work together. The medical device industry, in particular, has been the embodiment of this practice of interconnectedness and has leveraged the many silos of our intricate ecosystem to pool resources, collaborate, and of course, innovate together, saving and improving the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of patients each day. The unprecedented state of today’s world changes absolutely nothing. We continue to come together to bolster and celebrate those on the frontlines, in any way we can. To that end, one relatively new addition to the health and wellness space, ScaleHealth, is doing just that.

Los Angeles-based ScaleHealth, now in the midst of a rebranding (it was formerly known as ScaleLA), is a healthcare innovation ecosystem designed to connect innovators with strategic resources and partnerships in an effort to help them scale and grow their organizations. Undeterred by COVID-19 and its impact, the company has expanded to its newest location, Orange County, California – a growing hub of medical devices and diagnostics – along with its partner The Innovation Institute. ScaleHealth is currently working with over 100 companies, 50 investment funds, 25 hospitals, advisors, insurers, universities and a number of local, state, and federal government agencies. However right now, like most of us, its primary focus is COVID-19 and how to best support its Scale Family who are either impacted by the Coronavirus or directly involved in combating it. And in that way, ScaleHealth is really scaling hope. Below is a list of health and wellness Scale Family members who have shifted their operations to fight back:

Stasis – Stasis is an FDA-cleared, remote monitoring system for any care setting such as hospitals, tents, hotels, dorm rooms, etc. Stasis Hardware gathers vital signs at the bedside while Stasis Software converts any computer, TV, tablet, or smartphone into a central monitoring dashboard. In regard to tackling COVID-19, its quick few-hour setup will reduce the patients requiring ICU resources, and by monitoring vital signs remotely the technology can save hundreds of staff hours per day while limiting medical worker exposure to COVID-19. Learn more in this video.

Cloudbreak Health – Cloudbreak’s innovative, secure platform removes both distance and language barriers to improve patient care, satisfaction and outcomes; and provides more than one million minutes of telemedicine consultation each month. Amidst COVID-19, the company has made its Cloudbreak TeleMed and Cloudbreak Consult telemedicine applications available at no cost to current customers. These new tools enable live remote consultations over the same hardware and secure network that powers the Martti language product. Learn more in this interview.

U4Ea – U4Ea designs algorithms using sound and color for shifting states of consciousness to encourage wellbeing in digital and physical spaces. It is designed to let people choose a mood and state of mind they want to be in, then listen to curated tones (combos) to help them reach that state of mind. Its consumer-facing app on iOS helps to manage the rise in stress and anxiety by working to change states of consciousness for those self-quarantined.

Family Proud – Family Proud’s software solution helps bring peace of mind to patients and families during their time of need. Amid COVID-19 the direction of its services has not changed but is needed now more than ever. The company’s app provides direct patient support, including social/emotional, financial, education and informational resources, holistic health services, and help with day-to-day needs: cooking, cleaning, rides, childcare. Learn more in this interview.

MediPocket – MediPocket is hyper-personalized primary care ecosystem. In the midst of COVID-19 MediPocket is continuing to help those in need access their medications at affordable prices while social distancing, as well as provide a complimentary COVID-19 symptoms checker to curb the risk of unnecessary exposure to the virus. Learn more in this interview.

Replete Health – Replete’s communication platform for two use cases. One, a direct solution targeting patients (76M+ potential users) who can download their clinical data right on to their mobile phones. Two, a doctor solution allowing access to entire US population’s digitally available (180M+ potential users) clinical data and share with the patients. Given COVID19, the company has sped up development process to bring the release months sooner. Learn more in this interview.

Quantgene – Quantgene’s mission is to build the future of medicine by engineering the most advanced scientific and technological innovation that unlocks the Deep Human Genome. They aim to save lives through early detection, better prevention and more effective cures for all diseases. The company is on-track to launch Serenity, the first system that helps guide physicians in the early detection of multiple cancers from one blood draw. Though they are starting with cancer, applications of this technology may be able to be used to detect COVID-19 and other viruses.

Visit to learn how its other member companies are making an impact and to learn more about the organization.

From all of us at MedTech Strategist, thank you to our first responders and those people and organizations serving on the front lines of this war. Thank you for giving us hope. Stay well.

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