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Latest from MedTech Strategist

Actionable intelligence exploring the people, challenges, and opportunities impacting the global medtech community.

Business Strategies

Beyond Sleep Apnea, Sleep Tech Tackles Chronic Disease

Sleep tracking has moved beyond a wellness tool used by Quantified Selfers to a medical grade technology with the potential to create patient data that the sleep specialty has never had before. Insights from a growing body of longitudinal sleep data will not only help in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders themselves, but in chronic diseases in which sleep disorders drive disease processes and compromise outcomes.

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Discover the opportunities and challenges that impact the global medtech regulatory and reimbursement community with MedTech Strategist Market Pathways.

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Latest from Market Pathways

Global Medical Device Regulatory, Reimbursement, and Policy Review

Regulatory & Reimbursement

Pathways Picks August 7: The News This Week

Welcome to the August 7 edition of ‘Pathways’ Picks,’ our MTS Market Pathways’ weekly roundup of the most important global medtech regulatory, reimbursement, and policy news. This week: CMS has been busy in the past week rolling out policy proposals. We spotlight a few key takeaways for medtech. And more to watch from China, the US, and Germany.

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Latest from Community Blog

MedTech Strategist's Community Blog explores the passion behind the people, technologies, and companies impacting the global device space.

Executive Interviews

S2E9 - CorInnova: Robots Hug the Heart for HF Relief

'Meet the Innovators' Season 2, Episode 9: A video interview with William Altman, CEO, and Christina Bolch, PhD, Sr Biomedical Engineer, CorInnova. Houston-based start-up, CorInnova Inc., is developing a minimally invasive soft robotic cardiac device that they anticipate will shift the paradigm of existing heart failure (HF) treatments, and may reverse the progression of HF or even prevent its development in post-heart attack patients.

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