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Latest from Market Pathways

Global Medical Device Regulatory, Reimbursement, and Policy Review

Regulatory & Reimbursement

Rethinking Medtech Pathways in the EU, UK, and New Zealand

In this week’s Pathways Picks: Reform efforts elevate, transition date passes, and cell/tissue bill is adopted in the EU; the UK envisions new medtech market access pathways; New Zealand eyes repeal of health products framework; and more global medtech policy news.

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Latest from MedTech Strategist

Actionable intelligence exploring the people, challenges, and opportunities impacting the global medtech community.

MedTech Innovator Presents

Opharmic Enables Needle-Free Ocular Drug Delivery

Macromolecules like anti-VEFG are not deliverable as eye drops because they can’t normally penetrate the surface of the eye. But with a novel application of low-frequency ultrasound, Opharmic’s MeticTouch can push drugs to the back-of-the eye, so patients don’t have to undergo the needle.

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Making Early Diagnosis of Inherited Diseases a Clinical Reality

Gene and cell therapies have curative potential for some inherited genetic diseases, but technologies for rapid screening and diagnosis of genetic variants are a prerequisite. An excerpt from our recent interview with Stephen Kingsmore, who is at the forefront of making pediatric genomic testing and newborn screening universal and accessible.

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