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Global Medical Device Regulatory, Reimbursement, and Policy Review

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Actionable intelligence exploring the people, challenges, and opportunities impacting the global medtech community.


STENTiT: Scaffolds Regenerate Arteries From the Inside Out

While the first generation of bioresorbable stents aims to enhance the treatment of peripheral artery disease with temporary support, STENTiT is on to the next generation with a platform of resorbable devices that promise to do what no stent can: elicit natural regeneration of the artery.

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MedTech Strategist Top 5: October 2021

The five most-read MedTech Strategist articles posted in October to MyStrategist.com: ShangBay Capital's approach to medtech investing, Glenn Snyder and Paul Grand discuss findings from the recent MedTech Innovator/Deloitte survey on medtech start-up trends, highlights from NASS 2021, and near-term opportunities in the neural interface field.

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