Kayleen Brown

Executive Editor, MedTech Strategist Broadcasting Network

14 Years of Experience


Kayleen, the original @MTechMillennial, is performing dual roles as the Executive Editor of MedTech Strategist’s newly formed broadcasting network, which includes the popular ‘Meet the Innovators’ video interview series, as well as Vice President of Commercial Development, at the helm of MedTech Strategist’s new products, programs, processes, and digital initiatives that includes MedTech Strategist’s new subscriber portal, MyStrategist.com.

She has dedicated over a decade of her career to the medical device market/business intelligence industry in strategic marketing roles, direct sales, and content development. Kayleen has served as Director of Marketing for SmartTRAK Business Intelligence and held positions with some of the top intelligence companies in the industry: Medtech Insight, Windhover Information, Elsevier Business Intelligence, and Informa PLC.

Kayleen’s publishing background includes her role as Submissions Editor for the University of California, Irvine’s creative journal, Cellador, and Editor of The Gateway publication.

Prior to joining the team, Kayleen ventured outside of healthcare and served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the e-commerce industry before returning home to the global medical device community. #MedTechMillennial

Articles from Kayleen Brown:


S2E12 - Allotrope: Stimulating the Ureter to Streamline Surgery

'Meet the Innovators' Season 2, Episode 12: A candid video interview with Albert Huang, MD, Founder & CEO of Allotrope Medical Inc. Houston-based medical device start-up Allotrope Medical intends to advance surgical precision using safe electrical stimulation, potentially presenting a paradigm shift in ureter identification and protection during surgery.

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