Pathways’ Picks for 2021: Five Medtech Policy Issues to Watch

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After a year of non-stop emergency decision-making, what does 2021 hold for medtech regulation and reimbursement? Here are the most important trends to watch and key Market Pathways’ articles from 2020 to make sense of it all, from executive editor David Filmore.

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Well, I’ll admit it. In my “what to watch” column for 2020 I missed what turned out to be one pretty big factor last year. The brewing global pandemic was just a cluster of reported cases of atypical pneumonia in Wuhan China when my January 2, 2020 piece ran and the fact that it has since turned into a society-changing event on every level is a reminder that a cautious approach to trend watching is always warranted. But I’ll humbly give it another go, taking into consideration our current backdrop—a pandemic that will hopefully soon succumb to vaccination, a new US president, the realization of Brexit, and other macro-policy issues—and zoom down to the level of medtech. Here’s a quick spotlight on some medtech policy developments to keep an eye on in the coming year and some 2020 Market Pathways articles to provide necessary context. Hopefully, I haven’t missed anything too big this time around. Happy New Year.

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