S2E1 - Billy Cohn, MD: Making Medtech Makers at Johnson & Johnson’s CDI @ TMC

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'Meet the Innovators' Season 2, Episode 1 - *Special Edition*: In this candid video interview onsite at the Center for Device Innovation in Houston, TX, Billy Cohn, MD, VP of Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Device Companies and Director, Center for Device Innovation at Texas Medical Center reflects on his extensive device patent journey and shares the keys to overcoming the never-ending challenges that plague device innovation.


Season Two of MedTech Strategist’s ‘Meet the Innovators’ travels to the heart of medical device innovation in Houston, TX to visit the Center for Device Innovation at the Texas Medical Center (CDI @ TMC) - a symbiotic collaboration between the largest medical center on the planet, Texas Medical Center and medical device titan,  Johnson & Johnson, through its Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices Companies (JJMD) and Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC (JJI)altered  

With a “maker” space nearly half the size of a football field, a full machine shop with advanced prototyping equipment, facilities for an electronics lab, wet lab, and mechanical testing; myriad work benches, private offices, open workstations and even a Virtual Reality system, CDI @ TMC is well on its way to significantly impact healthcare by accelerating the development of breakthrough medical technologies. And who better to lead this mecca for device innovation than serial device innovator and holder of over 170 national and international patents: William (Billy) Cohn, MD, Director, CDI and VP, Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Device Companies?


“Filing patents is a lot like fishing. If you’re worrying about working hard on a project that doesn’t come to anything, then you’re probably in the wrong field; because a lot of the innovation that I’ve done in my life doesn’t come to anything, but since you don’t know that when you start the process you keep working and keep inventing.”

Billy Cohn, MD

In this special edition video interview, kicking off season two of ‘Meet the Innovators,’ Cohn reflects on his extensive device patent journey and shares the keys to overcoming the never-ending challenges that plague device innovation.   altered

Read more about this world-renowned cardiac surgeon and explore the dynamics that have influenced innovation in cardiac surgery over the past several years in our exclusive executive Q&A: “The Magic of Innovation: An Interview with Billy Cohn, MD,” by David Cassak, editor-in-chief, MedTech Strategist.

Additionally, join us this April 9-11th in Dublin, Ireland to hear Dr. Cohn speak in person at the medical device industry’s most anticipated investment and networking conference of the year: Innovation Summit Dublin 2019. See you there!

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