Freenome CEO Gabe Otte on Liquid Biopsies

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In this video interview, we speak with Freenome CEO Gabe Otte on his company's expectations for 2021, how its test strategy is differentiated from competitors, and what the developments of 2020 mean for the field.

2020 was a breakout year for the entire liquid biopsy field and 2021 is likely to be just as pivotal. Three major, large trials underway for high-performance blood-based colorectal cancer screening assays by  Exact Sciences  Corp. (Thrive),  Guardant Health  Inc., and  Freenome are set to read out in 2021-22. If they perform with sensitivity and specificity as expected, this year could start to see meaningful commercialization of these tests, marking a turning point for liquid biopsy as a screening technology. Also this year, a final national coverage decision, based on a draft proposed last fall, is expected to be issued supporting Medicare reimbursement of blood-based screening tests for colorectal cancer that meet certain performance criteria.

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