Wendy Diller

Senior Writer/Market Analyst

20 Years of Experience


Wendy writes on the medical devices and clinical diagnostics sectors, where she focuses on orthopedics/spine, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine, clinical genomics, womens’ health/ femtech, and reimbursement/commercial strategy and innovation related to these specialties. She welcomes and encourages ideas and input from members of the MedTech Strategist Community.

Her career spans more than 20+ years as a top writer and manager focused on qualitative analysis of the global life sciences industry. She is Chair of Young Women in Bio Metro NY, an organization devoted to encouraging secondary students in the NY area to pursuit STEM careers and on the board of the Columbia Business School of Alumni Club NY

Articles from Wendy Diller:

Investors & Dealmaking

Financing Diagnostics in the Post-COVID World: What the Data Shows to Date

The IVD industry is recalibrating as financing availability and valuations revert to pre-pandemic levels, following an unprecedented period of access to capital. Companies are having to do more with less, and the situation could get worse. Diagnostics, however, is too important an industry for investors to ignore, and an investor’s goal is spotting the right opportunities for rewards. By Craig Steger, Oded Ben-Joseph, PhD, and Carey Gallant, Outcome Capital, and Wendy Diller.

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