Sheba Envisions a Global Ecosystem of Digital Innovation

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Sheba Medical Center’s ARC Innovation's global ambitions to build a healthcare ecosystem based on transformative collaborations and digital innovations are gaining traction overseas. In the US, the Mayo Clinic and the newly formed Chicago ARC recently signed on as partners, and Chicago ARC is raising $100 million to invest in digital and medical device start-ups.

As large healthcare systems worldwide increasingly look for holistic solutions to improving patient care, lowering costs, and increasing health equity, they are turning to Silicon Valley-type data science innovations. Most of their work, however, remains application focused and centered on internal activities.

Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer, Israel, the Middle East’s largest healthcare system, is taking this a step further, in an ambitious, multiyear effort to build a market-driven, global ecosystem that aims to develop, pilot, and roll out game-changing solutions to transforming healthcare. Driven by the same challenges as systems in other countries—an aging population, rising costs, staffing shortages, pandemic fallout, inequitable access to care, and an intrenched conservative culture around medicine—it is doing something that may be inevitable for an aggressive organization in a small country: banking its success on the enticing yet complex pillars of digital innovation and global collaboration.


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