Large Market, Small Joint: Examining Growth, Innovations, and M&A in the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Market

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Robust innovation in foot and ankle devices is sustaining revenue growth and M&A activity, but in a highly consolidated market, the long-term outlook for new players and ongoing activity is uncertain. By Masha Dumanis, Health Advances.

To those in the orthopedics industry, it is no secret that foot and ankle is currently one of the hottest segments with one of the highest CAGRs—outpacing darlings of the last decade like sports medicine and shoulder replacement. Some of the most vibrant subsegments, such as bunions, hammertoe, and nonfracture ankle treatments, are growing at 9%. The rapid rate of innovation is enabling a dizzying pace of product and company launches in this space, creating challenges for clinicians in discerning the clinical value of new products from their marketing pizzazz.

The emergence of stand-alone extremity firms, and even more focused foot and ankle companies, in the last few years has led larger, diversified players with portfolio gaps on a rapid M&A hunt.


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