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Health Advances is a strategy consulting firm that focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry. We are scientists, clinicians, and business professionals who share a passion for supporting commercialization and driving adoption of innovations that improve healthcare. The firm employs over 150 full-time professionals in three main offices. 

Healthcare is our sole focus; therefore, Health Advances quickly and objectively integrates knowledge from a clinical, technical, and business perspective to create strategies that guide our clients’ most important decisions.

Health Advances expertise in medtech spans the range of product types and the breadth of settings in which devices are utilized.

Articles from Health Advances:

Perspective & Commentary

Where Does Medtech End and Digital Begin?

The growing pervasiveness of digital tools within medical devices is creating new opportunities to improve care delivery and the benefits are becoming more well-documented. How industry stakeholders should categorize products that leverage this symbiosis, and the implications of categorization, remains a question. By Joe Ives, Susan Posner, and Jeff Abraham, Health Advances.

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