Investing in Digital Health: The View from Europe

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For the past several years, digital health has been attracting more and more attention from medtech investors, especially in Europe. How are they approaching a sector that is no longer virgin territory for investors?

What does it say about the opportunities in digital health when the number of traditional medtech investors interested in the space keeps growing and growing? Nowhere is that phenomenon more in evidence than in Europe, where many long-time medtech investors are increasingly looking to digital for their next investments—even once skeptical investors are coming around.

Still, digital health is no longer the new kid on the block, and in disparate ways the challenges the sector faces have become clear over the past several years. In the following panel discussion, an expanded version of a session held in April at MedTech Strategist’s 2022 Innovation Summit in Dublin, a group of seasoned European medtech investors—and one US-based investor—weigh in on what they see as the opportunities in medtech and some of the concerns roiling the sector now. Included on the panel: Janke Dittmer of Gilde Healthcare, Sacha Loiseau of Elaia, Dennis McWilliams of Santé Ventures (the one American on the panel), Thom Rasche of Earlybird Ventures, and Josep Sanfeliu of Asabys talk about their approaches to investing in digital health and its relationship to—and overlap with—a more traditional medtech portfolio.


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