David Cassak


30 Years of Experience


David Cassak is co-Managing Partner of Innovation in Medtech and co-Editor-in-Chief of MedTech Strategist. Thirty years ago, Cassak, along with his partner Roger Longman, formed Windhover Information Inc and for many years was the head of the medtech team of both IN VIVO and Start-Up magazines. In 2004, Windover acquired MedTech Insight and in turn was acquired by Elsevier in 2008. Until 2014, he was head of editorial for Elsevier Business Intelligence and oversaw the medical device coverage in IN VIVO, Start-Up, MedTech Insight, and the Gray Sheet. In 2014, he launched Innovation in Medtech, publishers of MedTech Strategist and Market Pathways and organizers of the medtech Innovation Summit series of investor conferences. Over the course of the past 30 years, he has interviewed hundred of CEOs and industry leaders and been a featured speaker at many industry conferences and company events.

Articles from David Cassak:

Investors & Dealmaking

Gilde Healthcare Counts on Convergence to Reshape the Life Sciences

Gilde Healthcare was barely a player in medtech a decade ago. Today it is one of Europe’s most active investors in medical devices, with an exit-centric model and a novel relationship with Philips Healthcare. In Part 2 of this article, we explore Gilde’s strategy around digital health and convergence and look at some of the issues confronting Europe-based investors, including, in the long term, CE mark reform and, in the shorter term, the coronavirus pandemic.

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