BrainQ Technologies: Treating Stroke Patients by Repairing Neural Networks

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BrainQ wants to reduce the disability that follows ischemic stroke. With a wearable, noninvasive device, the company is delivering low frequency and low intensity magnetic fields to restore the brain’s neural networks to a healthy architecture.

The simple act of raising your hand requires the activation of millions of biochemical and electrical signals among neurons and other cells acting in networks that must operate in concert. Thus, when the brain is injured by stroke or other insult, it is no small feat to restore movement, speech, or other intentions of the mind. That’s perhaps why drugs that have a very specific mechanism of action have had limited efficacy on neurological injuries.  

The founders of BrainQ Technologies Ltd., in search of a therapy to reduce the disabilities that affect two-thirds of people following an ischemic stroke, aim to extend the window of opportunity for stroke victims from the acute phase to the longer subacute phase.


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