A Data Strategist Steers Northwell Health to an AI-Driven Future

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Marc d. Paradis is in charge of managing Northwell Health’s data strategy—how it is organized, accessed, and shared—at a time when the volume of healthcare data is increasing exponentially and new federal interoperability laws are starting to have teeth. Northwell’s response is to open its doors to new kinds of external collaborations with investors, entrepreneurs, and vendors.

Large healthcare systems are gearing up to use their data in ways that were not previously possible, just as new federal interoperability laws are kicking in that should drive innovative approaches to solving critical challenges in clinical care.

For VCs, entrepreneurs, and vendors, this means new kinds of partnerships and opportunities to access data that is crucial to their technological advancements in an era when artificial intelligence and generative AI are becoming increasingly important to driving change.

That puts data scientist experts in the spotlight at sophisticated systems like Northwell Health on Long Island, NY. One of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, it hired Marc d. Paradis as VP, data strategy into a newly created leadership position in January 2020. Paradis is in charge of the management of gargantuan volumes of healthcare data, with the goal of organizing it in ways that make it accessible to people working on improving operations and clinical care, as well as a potential revenue stream through collaborations with external vendors and investors.


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