Pathways’ Picks May 25: IVDR Day in the EU, NICE Digs Digital Therapeutic, and More

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In this week’s roundup: The long-anticipated In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) has reached its date of application in the EU; UK NICE gives a thumbs-up to its first digital therapeutic; regulatory news from India and Ethiopia; FDA launches a 510(k) sterilization pilot; HHS SUNSET rule repeal watch; labs critique VALID Act reforms in Congress; and more.

Top Pick: IVDR Day

Another big regulatory transition day in the EU:

The IVD Regulation (IVDR) is the official law of the land in the European Union as of Thursday, May 26, when the five-year transition clock for the 2017-enacted IVDR ticks to zero. What that means will vary depending on the particulars of each manufacturer and test, based on recently enacted extended, risk-based grace periods. EU policymakers have rolled out a series of guidances and other implementation documents in recent days to prepare as much as possible for the transition, even as it is widely acknowledged there is a lot more work to do. Check out two resources from Market Pathways published today:


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