It’s IVDR Time: What’s the State of Play?

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The official date of application for the EU IVDR has arrived, setting into motion a multi-year rollout of compliance deadlines. Here’s a look at where things stand.

The In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation is the official law of the land in the European Union as of Thursday, May 26, when the five-year transition clock for the 2017-enacted IVDR ticks to zero. What that means can vary a bit depending on the particulars of each manufacturer and test. In response to COVID-19 challenges, the EU agreed to stretch out IVDR compliance deadlines for tests placed on the market before May 26, with risk-based phase-in dates ranging from 2025 to 2027.

But, starting now, all IVDs must comply with upgraded IVDR postmarket surveillance requirements, and any new test or test with a “significant change” will need an IVDR certificate to be placed on the market. Check out our latest Market Pathways’ Scorecard infographic, with a rundown of compliance timelines and a snapshot of the IVDR state of play. 


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