Docs of the Month: Taiwan FDA Produces Bounties of Files in Lead-Up to New Regs

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Taiwan FDA kicked into policymaking overdrive in the weeks leading up to country’s new Medical Devices Act, which took effect May 1. It was by far the most productive agency tracked in Pathways’ Document Depot last month. The European Commission and China NMPA, which each have their own new regulatory regimes to stand up, were runners up.

Docs of the Month is a regular column highlighting key findings from Pathway’s Document Depot, a running inventory of global medtech regulatory and policy official documents, including rules, guidance documents, memos, white papers, and more from national authorities, non-governmental groups, and global organizations.

New regulatory frameworks have a way of ramping up activity at regulatory agencies and that has certainly been the case for Taiwan FDA, which, by Document Depot’s count, issued 28 policy documents, plus some additional announcements, last month in the lead-up to the new Medical Devices Act that went live in Taiwan on May 1. That is 15 more documents than the next most prolific agency in April.


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