Mark Ratner

30 Years of Experience


A frequent contributor to MedTech Strategist and Market Pathways, Mark Ratner specializes in personalized medicine, molecular diagnostics, oncology, and neurology. He is an editorial adviser and frequent contributor to Nature Biotechnology, where he began his career in biotech in 1988 as a news editor. For most of the 1990s, Mark worked for and consulted to biotech companies in the Boston area.

Articles from Mark Ratner:

Business Strategies

Digital Taps into Neurological Function

Digital technology is fast becoming a gateway to better measurements and assessments of neurological function. It has given rise to new digital therapeutics that have the potential to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and help shift the delivery of care outside traditional settings. Pharma is an active partner with these firms, but so far medtech is standing pat.

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