Theradaptive: Painting With Proteins for Targeted Regeneration

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For decades, certain proteins have been known to stimulate tissue growth, with great potential for healing degenerative conditions and traumatic injury. However, precise delivery is crucial for safety and efficacy of the therapy. Theradaptive has created a means of binding growth factor proteins and other molecules to medical implants such that they remain only in the desired place and achieve an acute effect.

Before founding Theradaptive, Luis Alvarez, PhD, co-founded the US Department of Defense Tissue Injury and Regenerative Medicine Program office, having seen soldiers withstand combat injuries to the extremities during a tour of duty in Iraq. With his background in biological engineering, Alvarez led the DOD’s largest recombinant biologics program through Phase II of its development, and Theradaptive is his latest foray in the field of targeted recombinant proteins. The CEO’s impetus for pursuing this space was synergistic, as he was both fascinated with the idea of using naturally produced proteins for regenerative applications and compelled to help his fellow service members.


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