Technologies to Watch in 2018, Part 1

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In Part 1 of this year’s Technologies to Watch compilation, we include, in the cardiovascular space, transcatheter heart valves; the progress of TAVR in expanding into lower-risk groups of patients, and advances in mitral and tricuspid valve development; we examine spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain; how liquid biopsy is helping to drive precision medicine; the forward momentum of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery; and finally, how AI is reaching into medtech.

By Mary Thompson and the MedTech Strategist editorial team

Each year, the MTS editorial team selects several areas within medtech that warrant special attention for our “Technologies to Watch” compilation article. These could be technologies that are driving growth and innovation in particular markets, those with the potential to disrupt an existing space, or even those that have stirred controversy or faced challenges in recent months.


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