Supermoon Capital: Investing in Sleep

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Sleep health is a highly nuanced and highly fragmented field, and though there are dozens of disorders in the category, insomnia and sleep apnea have traditionally been its defining indications. Supermoon Capital, a VC firm entirely dedicated to sleep, is pushing boundaries in both clinical and consumer spaces to elucidate and improve the universal activity that humans do for a third of their lives.

Venture capital firms focused on a particular industry, whether that be medical device, real estate, or construction, are nothing new. Yet, never before has one emerged with a central focus on sleep, with a portfolio of companies creating sleep technologies that include apps, wearables, enterprise software, medical devices, and even specialized bedding. Active in both the consumer wellness and clinical healthcare sectors, Supermoon Capital has funded early-stage companies across the country and around the globe with the mission of improving life through healthier, higher-quality sleep.


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