Spark Biomedical and AcuityMD Partner to Launch Non-Drug Opioid Reduction System

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To accelerate patient access to its non-pharmaceutical therapy for opioid use disorder, Spark Biomedical has teamed up with AcuityMD on the launch of a wearable neurostimulation device.

The increasing digitization of healthcare makes it possible to address known challenges in novel ways, particularly as greater degrees of data richness take much of the guesswork and wasted resources out of the treatment equation, create scalability, and expand patient access.

For Spark Biomedical, creator of a prescription home-use digital therapy device to treat opioid use disorder (OUD), harnessing data is a way of maximizing patient reach without spreading its sales force too thinly across a nationwide market. The company’s executives, seasoned members of the medical device field, saw that their idea of a traditional sales force would need an update to achieve the disruptive potential the device offers. To that end, Spark has recently announced a partnership with the venture-backed commercial platform AcuityMD. With a year into initial sales and its device already in use in more than 24 rehabilitation facilities, Spark is positioned to make further inroads with providers as a result of the contract.


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