Sonder Capital’s Novel Approach to Venture Investing

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Long active as co-investors and entrepreneurs in some of medtech’s most innovative companies, Sonder Capital’s principals made the relationship formal a couple of years ago with the launch of a new fund—and the twist of a novel LP structure.

Great medical devices are most often the product of individuals, physicians, or engineers, working alone on a concept based around a solution they came up with to an unmet need. Great medical device companies, on the other hand, are more often the product of a number of people working collaboratively—concept originators, investors, and seasoned executives/entrepreneurs. Each plays a different role but collectively they bring together experiences and lessons learned in their different areas of expertise to create the vehicle to take the original concept to the marketplace—and hopefully a robust exit that rewards all.

Typically, venture capital firms play one critical role in that multifaceted group of players supplying the funds to nurture the company. Sonder Capital Management LLC, a relatively new investor group yet with a deep history in medtech, brings together all those medical device areas of expertise in one entity, with an investment approach, targeted at family offices and private equity firms and hedge funds, that not only opens enormous opportunities for itself and its companies, but also reflects the recent robustness and diversity in medtech venture capital.


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