RapidAI: Toward a Timeless Assessment of Stroke

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Time—whether ischemic stroke patients are treated within 6, 12, or 24 hours—isn’t the most telling variable affecting stroke outcomes. Every stroke is unique to the patient, and RapidAI is in the business of providing neuroimaging software that provides patient-relevant information to clinicians that have tough treatment decisions to make.

RapidAI Inc. has the most comprehensive suite of neuroimaging software for stroke—multiple modules of software that glean insights from non-contrast CT, CT angiography, CT perfusion, and MRI diffusion and perfusion scans—and its products have helped clinicians interpret more than two million imaging scans in 1800-plus hospitals in more than 60 countries. Its software for the automated analysis of images has advanced the evolution of stroke care, having been used even prior to the company’s incorporation to select and study patients in many of the landmark trials validating the role of endovascular thrombectomy and intravenous thrombolysis in ischemic stroke.


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