MedTech Innovator Start-Ups at the Heart of Cardiac Development

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CardiaCare, Corveus Medical, and Cardiospire, three cardiovascular start-ups that have been part of a MedTech Innovator cohort, each offers a new approach to managing heart disease, from clinical monitoring to intervention, aimed at reducing invasiveness and increasing accessibility of treatment.

In this inaugural MedTech Innovator feature (see “MedTech Innovator: Mentorship and Its Multiplying Effect on Medtech,” MedTech Strategist, September 14, 2023), we discuss three start-ups, each of which represents a different avenue of heart care, a large area of medicine that continues to rise in relevancy as cardiac health issues become more widespread across the globe. As the number of heart disease patients grows, companies are expanding the arsenal of tools available to screen, treat, and monitor them.

Increased sophistication of both remote and in-clinic devices allows care providers to divide their attention more efficiently and maximize responsiveness to urgent matters. Meanwhile, prioritizing minimal invasiveness and creative means of detecting or inducing changes in cardiac function ensures that treatments patients receive for an already precarious condition don’t cause additional complications in the process. Companies like CardiaCare, Corveus Medical, and Cardiospire are opening up a greater range of treatment options for patients who are ineligible for traditional methods. Though a diagnosis of heart disease is becoming less avoidable in the aging population, it is far from the fatal sentence it once was and more manageable than ever with fewer risky surgeries.


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