MedTech Innovator: Mentorship and Its Multiplying Effect on Medtech

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MedTech Innovator is one of the medtech industry's greatest mentors. We have partnered with MTI to launch a new series, starting this month, that showcases clinically focused start-ups chosen from the MTI accelerator program.

In partnership with MedTech Innovator (MTI), we are delighted to introduce a recurring feature focusing on promising start-ups from MTI’s accelerator program. We’ll focus on a particular clinical or technology space; in our first edition, we include three start-ups working on solving diverse problems in the cardiovascular sector. (See, “MedTech Innovator Start-Ups at the Heart of Cardiac Development,” MedTech Strategist, September 2023.) Launched just over a decade ago, MTI has grown to be the world’s largest accelerator of life sciences companies and an important influence over emerging medical technology.


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