LUMINELLE: Providing the Right Tools for Office-Based Hysteroscopy

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The standard of uterine and urological care for women is severely lacking, compared with advancements that become common practice in other medical sectors. As gynecology practices have become increasingly relegated to office settings, LUMINELLE offers an endoscopic solution for making diagnostic and therapeutic procedures safer and more precise than ever.

More than 20 years into her career in the women’s health space, including work with biopharmaceuticals and devices, Allison London Brown says making a difference for women in the healthcare system to improve their lives is her calling. Beginning at Johnson & Johnson as a scientist and later moving to the commercial side, London Brown took various roles in both start-ups and private equity-led or public firms; then she learned of a company that could use her expertise, LUMINELLE. There, London Brown and the team sought to develop an endoscopic system focused on uterine and urological care for office settings, capitalizing on the greater OR-to-office movement taking place across the healthcare field.


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