Healing Smarter: Supercharged Wound Care

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Chronic, traumatic, and surgical wounds are precarious conditions that can augment in severity the longer they go unaddressed, or are addressed incompletely. To improve the effectiveness of care, companies like FeelTect, BeFC, and Xtremedy are working to deliver intelligent solutions.

The wound care market is a diverse mix of old methods and new; high-tech solutions and low-tech. In such a well-understood area of medicine, those seeking to address the problems that still need solving must have an acute awareness of how wounds occur and persist in order to disrupt the normal care pathway, which is often ineffective for chronic wounds. The location, cause, size, and severity of the wound are all impactful data points that can alter the decisions made during care. With new technology emerging for treatment and monitoring, clinicians will be less burdened with guesswork and better equipped for confident planning and execution of individualized care strategies.

Despite its ripeness with lucrative opportunities and the large number of products, the field of wound care device manufacturing is less fiercely competitive than that of other devices, offering a great breadth of specializations for companies to explore with little overlap. At the same time, the ubiquity of wounds, particularly those that occur comorbidly with aging, diabetes, or lifestyle conditions, demands more efficient and reliable tools for healing. FeelTect, Xtremedy Medical, and BeFC are three recent start-ups making progress in wound care with solutions to help reach better outcomes for clinicians, patients, and even the environment.


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