Using Data and Industry Collaboration to Improve Patient Safety

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Employing tools like real-world evidence and new technologies can help break down industry and clinical silos to promote improved patient safety. By Jijo James, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MedTech & External Innovation at Johnson & Johnson.

Patient-centric innovation—developing new ideas, technology, and approaches to our work that put patients and their needs first—is of critical importance to those working in healthcare. Yet, despite the best of intentions, our healthcare system operates in silos comprising different stakeholders, systems, and incentives that do not seamlessly connect. This reality requires interventions from all stakeholders to work together to better serve patients and provide them with the optimal treatment for their condition, and to keep them as safe as possible. Therefore, it is imperative that we create closed-loop systems to reduce inefficiencies, increase industry collaboration, and create innovative techniques or methods to help improve patient safety and outcomes.


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