Pay Cuts, Pass-Throughs, and More From 2024 Medicare Proposals

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The annual physician and outpatient facility payment proposals are out from CMS. Here are some key medtech takeaways from rules that will set important reimbursement policies for 2024, including: specialist payments on the chopping block, pass-through candidates, a request for information on digital therapeutics payment and benefit category issues, and more.

CMS issued just shy of 3,000 pages of proposed policies last week for reimbursing physician practices and outpatient facilities next year. The Physician Fee Schedule and Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) proposed rules warrant close reading by device and diagnostic firms every summer to glean upcoming Medicare payment realities. Here are a few key medtech takeaways from the proposals, which will be finalized in the fall and take effect January 1.


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