Pathways’ Picks January 29: Coronavirus Dx, Next-Gen Coverage, EU Meetings, And More

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Medicare moves to clear up a next-generation sequencing coverage mix-up; the escalating coronavirus outbreak is driving attention toward diagnostic emergency-use approval policies in China and the US; EU policymakers issued a 2020 meeting agenda, and more in this week’s Pathways’ Picks, Market Pathways’ weekly roundup of the most important global medtech regulatory, reimbursement, and policy news. Pictured: A railway station in China's Wuhan Province, ground zero for the coronavirus.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services removed coverage restrictions on next-generation sequencing testing as a treatment guide in early-stage inherited cancers. Diagnostics are also increasingly a focus of governments trying to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. Those IVD policy developments lead off this week’s Pathways’ Picks.


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