Medicare Moves: CMS Settles 2023 Medtech Pay Policies

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CMS continued its frugality in awarding dialysis device bonus payments, but offered some beneficial 2023 reimbursement policies in other medtech realms. Here are a few spotlights from the multiple Medicare payment regulations that the agency finalized this week.

CMS continued its autumn tradition of publishing thousands of pages of regulations over a period of a couple days, setting payment frameworks into place for the coming calendar year. Here, we spotlight a few significant medtech policy decisions for 2023 from final payment rules issued October 31 and November 1. In particular, we zoom in on the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) regulation, the hospital Outpatient Payment Prospective System/Ambulatory Surgical Center (OPPS/ASC) rule, and the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS):


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