Bigfoot Biomedical: Solving the Puzzle of Diabetes Device Interoperability and Payor Value

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Bigfoot Biomedical is breaking new ground in reducing the pain points in diabetes management with a simplified monthly subscription, one prescription, and one copay service model for its integrated insulin delivery platforms, to treat insulin-dependent type 1 or 2 diabetes.

More than 9% of the US population, or about 30.3 million people, has diabetes. Of those, current insulin users total roughly six million, while another nearly six million with type 2 diabetes could benefit from insulin therapy. And, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diabetes is one of the eight most costly chronic diseases in the US, and its incidence around the world is increasing.

To add to this growing burden, insulin therapy is challenging, requiring people with diabetes to constantly measure, calculate, and plan ahead in order to metabolize carbohydrates and essentially stay alive. It’s not unusual for patients to be managing several devices including insulin pumps or pens and supplies, a blood glucose monitor, and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), all sold by different companies, along with software apps, and to be juggling 10 or more different prescriptions—all reimbursed separately with different copays—to cover all of the products and supplies that they need. This cumbersome and inefficient disease management model is ripe for an innovative approach.


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