Wendy Diller

Senior Writer/Market Analyst

20 Years of Experience


Wendy writes on the medical devices and clinical diagnostics sectors, where she focuses on orthopedics/spine, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine, clinical genomics, womens’ health/ femtech, and reimbursement/commercial strategy and innovation related to these specialties. She welcomes and encourages ideas and input from members of the MedTech Strategist Community.

Her career spans more than 20+ years as a top writer and manager focused on qualitative analysis of the global life sciences industry. She is Chair of Young Women in Bio Metro NY, an organization devoted to encouraging secondary students in the NY area to pursuit STEM careers and on the board of the Columbia Business School of Alumni Club NY

Articles from Wendy Diller:

Executive Interviews

A Data Strategist Steers Northwell Health to an AI-Driven Future

Marc d. Paradis is in charge of managing Northwell Health’s data strategy—how it is organized, accessed, and shared—at a time when the volume of healthcare data is increasing exponentially and new federal interoperability laws are starting to have teeth. Northwell’s response is to open its doors to new kinds of external collaborations with investors, entrepreneurs, and vendors.

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