MedTech Strategist Top 5 February 2023

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The top five MedTech Strategist articles posted in February to Big medtech strategics can innovative too, says our roundtable of four senior Johnson & Johnson R&D execs; advanced imaging and robotics technologies for retinal surgery, the financial health of the US hospital systems; Allay Therapeutics' drug-eluting implant for postsurgical pain; and Pristine Surgical's single-use endoscopy platform.

The top five MedTech Strategist February articles.

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#1: Designing R&D to Drive Personalized Care

Medtech start-ups are not the only source of innovative technologies. Big company R&D teams are innovating too, as we learn from this roundtable discussion with J&J execs.

#2: US Hospital System Update: 2022 Was Tough—Will 2023 Be Better?

While many sources have outlined general trends that likely will impact medical device and diagnostics companies in 2023, the volatility and precarious finances of US hospitals is at the top of the list. Given the overabundant data streams, Wall Street assessments, and CEO commentaries, a level set of the system’s current organization and status is in order and could help year-going-forward strategizing and predictions.

#3: Pristine Surgical: Endoscopy Goes Single-Use

Pristine Surgical’s FDA-approved high-performance disposable arthroscope is the first in a suite of disruptive single-use endoscopy products that the company believes will lower costs, yield more consistent visualization, and provide an additional measure of infection control..

#4: Retinal Technologies for the Body’s Smallest Workspace

Retinal surgery is the ultimate microsurgery, requiring surgeons to manipulate tiny, fragile tissues in a small space. Companies with advanced technologies in robotics and imaging could improve care by enabling earlier diagnoses of retinal conditions and safer, more predictive procedures. We speak with AcuSurgical and EarlySight.

#5:Allay Therapeutics: A Site-Specific Drug Implant Treats Postsurgical Pain

With a bioresorbable drug-eluting implant, Allay Therapeutics hopes to deliver the best level of pain relief for each phase of postsurgical recovery, starting with total knee replacement. Here, severe pain often interferes with the rehabilitation required for good outcomes.

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