Transformative AI: Predicting Sudden Cardiac Arrest to Save Lives

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More often than not, sudden cardiac arrest is fatal, even, surprisingly, when patients are already in the hospital and being monitored by a care team. Minutes count here, so Transformative AI is developing a prediction platform powered by AI to alert hospitals to impending cardiac events.

A particle physicist, a data scientist, a quantum cryptographer and an emergency medicine physician walk into a bar…..

Well, not a bar, a start-up called Transformative AI Ltd. (London, UK), which is applying artificial intelligence to the problem of predicting sudden cardiac arrest. You wouldn’t necessarily expect to see these diverse types of scientists in the same room, nor at a medical start-up, but, notes Joshua Oppenheimer, MD, the company’s CEO and the physician in the group, “All are experts in statistical analysis of one sort or another,” just the right sorts of backgrounds for complex algorithm development.


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