Sensoria Health: Medical Wearable Garments That Operate Seamlessly

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Sensoria Health makes remote monitoring wearables more effective through product designs that collect data and cue patients, increase patient adherence, and dovetail seamlessly with the practice of clinicians.

One day, two ex-Microsoft engineers were talking at a barbecue, and one said to the other, “Wouldn’t it be nice if medical data collection and even intervention could be woven into whatever we decide to wear in the morning?” That was the vision for the company that became Sensoria Health, which was founded in 2016 by CEO Davide Vigano, formerly general manager of Microsoft’s Healthcare Solutions Group, and Chief Technology Officer Maurizio Macagno, previously a senior program manager at Microsoft Xbox LIVE. Says Vigano, “We think we shouldn’t try to change human behavior. We should collect meaningful data that could improve peoples’ health in a very natural way.”


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