The Glaucoma Device Market Turns a Corner

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Much room for improvement exists in the treatment of glaucoma. Between eye drops and major surgery with unpredictable outcomes, there has been a vast treatment gulf, now beginning to be filled by companies offering less invasive device treatments. Glaucoma presents a challenging device target; many companies have raised as much as $100 million, without a product on the market to show for it. But finally, the field of micro invasive glaucoma surgery has seen its first real successes.

Place Summary Here A year ago, the CEO of an early-stage glaucoma start-up was at Glaucoma 360, a meeting sponsored by the Glaucoma Research Foundation.

Place Article Here He was attending a panel of strategic investors in which it was discussed that there was much M&A and investment activity going on in ophthalmology in general, but for glaucoma companies, not so much. That had been his own experience, in hunting for funding for his company. A year later, things have turned around—maybe not 360 degrees—but a great deal. This company founder is pleased to say that while it had previously been tough to gain traction with investors, now they are calling him.  


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