Mary Stuart

Senior Writer/Market Analyst

30 Years of Experience


Mary is a senior writer for MedTech Strategist and the editor of the “Start-Ups to Watch” department. She’s been reporting on medtech business strategies across all clinical areas for over 30 years. Mary is a key driver and expert in identifying important emerging technology and industry trends while backing up these insights with in-depth research including interviews with high-level executives and thought-leading clinicians. It’s the odd news item that makes one go “Huh,” she says, of her track record while reporting about treatments and technologies just as they’re emerging, and clearly articulating what’s different about those technologies. 

Mary has published articles in dynamic therapeutic areas including the paradigm shift in the treatment of heart failure; technological advances in neurology, especially closed-loop neurostimulation as well as new ways that make brain-sensing more widely available; how digital health can get removed healthcare from its silos to improve outcomes in chronic diseases; atrial fibrillation (exhaustively) and lung cancer, the final frontier in interventional medicine, among other diverse topics. A graduate of Smith College, Mary is ever the advocate of the benefits of a liberal arts education.

Articles from Mary Stuart:


Next-Gen Avisi Technologies Aims for “One and Done” in a MIGS Device

Avisi’s MIGS device, VisiPlate, has been designed to lower intraocular pressure in patients with moderate to severe glaucoma, a 2.6 million patient market in the US worth billions of dollars. The company believes it doesn’t make tradeoffs between safety and efficacy; it believes it has created an implant that will achieve a durable and effective treatment, once and for all.

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